Orloski Named Chairman Of Fairview Board Of Supervisors

The Fairview Township Board of Supervisors held a brief first meeting of the year Jan. 3, making few motions, but saw some changes with its annual reorganization meeting, held prior to the regular meeting.

Supervisor Robert Orloski was named as chairman of the three-man board, taking his turn after the other two supervisors, Russell Marhold and Michael Iorio, ran the board in the previous two years.

Longtime secretary/treasurer Barbara Wasiakowski was named to that post again, to earn $19.40 an hour, and she was also appointed as the municipal building coordinator for 2017. Lisa Ayers was appointed as recording secretary for the board of supervisors and the planning commission, at a rate of $55 per meeting.

Donald Karpowich will continue on as solicitor, earning $90 an hour. Marhold will serve as roadmaster, at a salary to be determined by township auditors, and both he and Iorio will be on the Mountaintop Council of Governments for 2017.

James Pawloski will earn $23.20 an hour as road foreman for the township and Thomas Kline and Timothy McGinnis will be compensated $22.10 and $19.30 respectively as road crew workers. Also, Edward Mack will serve as part-time road worker and COG worker, to be paid $15.25 an hour.

Joseph Intelicato will continue as the Fairview Police Chief, compensated per his contract, as will full-time police officers Sergeant Holbrook, Corporal Monk, and Officers Wadzin, Stahley, and Benson. All part-time officers will be paid $16.75 an hour and will receive all fringe benefits as negotiated in the current police contact.

John Doddo was again appointed as the township’s zoning officer, road cut permit officer, and administrator to the planning commission, to be paid $600 per month for the first 20 hours and $25 per hour in excess of 20 hours, plus mileage and expenses.

William Evans will be the township’s recycling attendant; Steven Egenski will be the sewage-enforcement officer; and Borton Lawson will be the township engineer for 2017.

John Dean will serve as solicitor to the township’s planning commission, for a five-year term expiring at the end of 2021, and Robert Gonos will serve as solicitor to the zoning hearing board.

Michael Herron and Peter Kohl of the Mountaintop Hose Company #1, Wade Kahley of the Mountaintop Ambulance Association, Chief Intelicato of the Fairview Police Department, and the Fairview Board of Supervisors were appointed to the township’s emergency evacuation board. Francis Aigeldinger will be chairman of the township’s vacancy board for 2017.

Iorio will be the chairman to the township’s park and recreation committee with William Evans, Pam Heard, and Wasiakowski serving on that board.

A motion was made that the

Fairview Township Board of Supervisors, its secretary/treasurer, and zoning officer may attend the annual supervisors state convention, with Marhold as the voting delegate.

First Keystone Community Bank was named depository for the township’s general fund and liquid fuels accounts for 2017. Berkheimer was appointed as the township’s LST tax collector and earned income tax collector. The tax collector’s commission will be 2 percent during rebate and five percent during face and penalty periods.

Millage was set at .0085 mills and mileage was set for 53.5 cents per mile, which is the IRS approved rate.

The Board of Supervisors will hold their meetings the first Tuesday of each month, at 7:30 p. m., at the municipal building. If the meeting falls on a holiday, it will be held the next day. Supervisors will hold their work sessions the last Monday of each month, at 6 p. m., also at the municipal building.