St. Jude School

SKATEBOARD SCIENCE PROGRAM AT ST. JUDE’S-The student body of St. Jude School attended a fascinating program on the science of skateboarding. The two presenters, Tom Vee and Evan Breder, made a lot of their skateboard tricks look easy, but explained they are professional skaters and it took years of practices to achieve their current status. As they demonstrated many techniques, they interacted with the audience sharing many scientific concepts including center of mass, center of gravity, distribution of force, types of energy, and friction. They reminded the students about why helmets are used and how they work, and encouraged the students to love science and never stop questioning how things work in the world around them. The most exciting trick was when Mr. Vee skated across the gym floor on five skateboards stacked on top of each other! Shown seated from left: Breder and Vee. Clockwise from left: Lauren Hayden, Virginia Franks, Xavier Bleiler, Shannon Jameson, Anna Ostaltsov, Grace Tedford, and Henry Smullen.