‘Mindfullness Of Everyday Living’ Among New CACE Courses

While the Crestwood Area Community Education offers a variety of courses for all types of interests, this year some new classes have been added that relate to physical or spiritual wellness.

From a course on the use of essential oils for healing and health purposes to one on the use of all-natural cleaning products, CACE’s spring schedule is sure to present a class for everyone.

“Mindfulness of Everyday Living” is one of the new courses that could be useful to all types of people, as students will learn how to cope with issues such as stress, anxiety, impatience and anger. Donna Nelson, a holistic empowerment coach and wellness strategist, as well as a Mountaintop resident, related that she will give her students the tools necessary to “bring peace and calm, a purposeful living to their lives.”

Over six weeks, Donna will teach a new strategy for “mindfulness” each week. “The class is for anyone looking to be more grounded,” she related. “It’s for those who may have a hard time dealing with stress or feeling overwhelmed. It’s to help them in getting focused on their life purpose.”

The techniques she’ll demonstrate include meditation, breathing exercises, and the use of oils for calm energy. “One week, we’ll be talking about the power of the mind and thoughts,” Donna explained. “We’ll discuss how the brain works and how