On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

New Administration

We have a new president, a Republican Congress and change on the horizon. Just about every eight years the balance of power between our two political parties changes. This year the program looks to be as dramatic as our new president. Donald J. Trump campaigned hard until Election Day and when the votes were counted he won the presidency. He got the most Republican votes in the history of our country and an overwhelming win in the Electoral College. The populace has spoken.

In years when my candidate came up short, I accepted the outcome and yearned for the next opportunity to vote for my positions. This year the losers have continued to complain for the last 11 weeks of their dissatisfaction with Trump’s election.

Women’s March

The recent Women’s March in Washington D. C. and in many cities in the US and around the world focused on gender equality, black lives matter, racism, equality, and according to a popular sign on the Internet of one marcher “Love Trumps Hate”. Environmental concerns for climate change are also on the table.

I was somewhat confused as to the momentum for the recent march as I thought it was to focus on Donald Trump as an unsuitable president. It took me awhile to understand that the pink hats referenced derogatory remarks against women unearthed during the Trump presidential run. The marchers were anti Trump and their goal was to show solidarity for anti-Trump positions.

The Women’s March initiates a movement of Democratic and Liberal supporters. It does not include all women. It is divisive.

We live in a democracy that guarantees Freedom of Speech in our First Amendment to the Constitution. The marchers were guaranteed their opportunity to peaceably assemble and state their message last week.

March for Life

This week on January 27 there is another march in Washington. The March for Life 2017 will be the 43rd March for Life since the Supreme Court ruled in Roe vs. Wade in 1973 giving women the right to make their reproductive choices including abortion. The anti-abortion movement or the right-to-life movement or pro-life movement have basically the same position. They seek to overturn Roe vs. Wade and to work toward restricting abortion at the state levels. The March for Life is held on a day Congress is in session close to the Supreme Court decision’s anniversary date January 22, 1973.

The March for Life began with 20,000 marchers and numbers published in 2013 were 650,000 marchers. Most are affiliated with religious groups. St. Jude’s Church in Mountaintop has sent a contingent to the March for Life for many, many years. It has been held in bitter cold, and during a blizzard in 2016. Participants are committed.

St. Jude’s parishioners are invited to become an “I March With the Youth in Spirit” sponsor for the annual March for Life in Washington, D. C. Several parish students will be attending. Parishioners are invited to make a donation to help offset the cost of the trip.

The March for Life does not get the media attention that some other demonstration events garner. The March for Life commitment is tied to our most basic Constitutional right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Assembling peacefully to state a position is one of those rights.

On to the Super Bowl Football fans got a full dose of

action last weekend as the National Football League’s Atlanta Falcons routed the Green Bay Packers 44-21 to earn their berth at the Super Bowl Sunday February 5. The second game on Sunday pitted the American Football Conference finalists, New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers with the Patriots coming up on top 36-17 to take their trip to the Super Bowl in Houston.

There is still time to plan a get together at home or meet friends to enjoy the game at a local sports bar or pub. We like to get together with Bob and Sue Grubert for our annual event. Charlie Grubert organizes a side bet and we all pick numbers to see who gets a point for each quarter Winner could take all.

With outdoor sports in Mountaintop limited to skiing, ice skating, and with snow cover possibly snow shoeing, enjoying the warmth of a nice game at home is always an option. It won’t be long before the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament will be on the calendar.