Mountain Top Small Business Partners Reach Out To Community, Each Other

Those who live on the mountain have an array of goods and services available to them through the many small businesses here. By forming the Mountain Top Small Business Partners, the owners of those establishments are finding a way to make that known, while reaching out to the community and forming a bond each other.

“We wanted to come up with a way to really network our businesses and come out in the community,” related Kathy Brocca, owner of Women’s Boutique and Consignments, on North Mountain Boulevard.

She described how she and a few other others formed the Small Business Partners group a few months ago; they decided it was a good idea since Mountain Top doesn’t have a Chamber of Commerce or merchant’s group.

The group started with five members and now has 22, meeting monthly at varying locations. While members belong to different community service or social groups in Mountain Top, they felt there wasn’t really a group that promoted networking for the business community.

“We want to really help the customers understand what is available and how important it is to support your local businesses,” Brocca said. “And we have every type of business.”

Last month, the group held its first event, a small business showcase at the Kirby Library. The free showcase, which included a lunch, was successful, with a large turnout,