Our Town To Focus On Mountaintop

Our mountain community will soon be another part of a television series that features small towns all over the state of Pennsylvania.

WVIA Public Media, based in Pittston, is seeking folks from Mountaintop who are interested in spearheading the project Our Town, a program that captures the uniqueness of Pennsylvania small towns like “day-in-the-life” picture books using video and narrations provided by the townspeople themselves.

Our Town was originally launched by WPSU, WVIA’s sister PBS affiliate in State College. WVIA adopted the project in 2009 with a feature of the town of Danville, and has since featured twenty-six communities from Sunbury to Wellsboro and Jim Thorpe to Hawley. Currently in preproduction are Taylor, Pittston, and hopefully soon, Mountaintop.

Our Town has connected viewers with communities and people on a grass roots level where folks determine the content of their own story and how that story would be told.

“Small towns have such a unique sense of spirit,” said Lisa Mazarella, WVIA’s morning radio host who produced the series for the first seven years of the project. “People work really hard in many different places just to keep the town running well -not only for themselves but for future generations.”

Mountaintop had been identified as a potential feature based on its history and size. John Rice, who has recently started producing the project for WVIA, WLVT and WQLN, explained that the project is best suited to towns who are an entity of their own with a multigenerational