Crestwood Student Selected To Attend Trump Inauguration
CHS STUDENT ATTENDS INAUGURATION-Robert Bonar, a junior at Crestwood High School, was thrilled to attend the inauguration of President Donald Trump Jan. 20, an honor he earned through his participation in the Envision Leadership Program.

Crestwood Junior Robert Bonar has always been captivated by history and politics. Through a prestigious school leadership program, he was chosen to become a part of history as he joined a select group of high school students from around the world to witness the inauguration of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

“It was really interesting,” Bonar related. “There were lots of people cheering. It was like going to a concert except there was way more people.” While he saw a few protestors, he noted that the atmosphere was positive as most in attendance supported the new president and celebrated the swearing in.

Bonar’s family was thrilled that he got to witness the inauguration, an honor bestowed upon him through his involvement with the Envision program, which provides career and leadership experiences to students from elementary to college age.

Bonar, who aspires to be a history teacher, joined the Envision program last year when he was nominated by a Crestwood counselor who saw his interest in history and politics. Last summer, he was chosen to go to Washington for a week to attend the Envision National Security Program, where students learned about careers in diplomacy, defense, and intelligence.

Through that program, Bonar was considered an Envision alumnus and was therefore invited back to Washington for a five-day excursion that included the presidential inauguration Jan. 20.

Of the roughly 500 high school students who went to the inauguration with the Envision group, Bonar was the only student from this area selected to attend and just one of two who attended from Pennsylvania. Others were from all over the country and world.

“I met people from Britain, Bolivia, Afghanistan…” Bonar explained. “It was a very motley crew.” Not every student who attended the inauguration was a Trump fan, like Bonar, but, he said, “We all became friends, even though our differences