Our Town

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sense of history, but yet small enough for people to know each other personally.

“This is an hour long show that tells the story of a community through the voices and eyes of the people who grew up there, live there and work there,” explained Rice. “We hope it is a bit of a scrapbook for residents but also of interest to other people of the area.”

Rice, who has been spending some time driving through town centers and surveying local churches and school districts, says the process first includes identifying a few champions of the town who can guide the process and become involved to lead the project. Once this connection is established, there will be a larger meeting to get some ideas and generate enthusiasm. Then, a “white board” session will be set up to list the stories that people want to tell and find a story focus and structure. Lastly, interested individuals will be scheduled to tell their stories on camera and the footage people collect will be catalogued. After that, WVIA will begin the editing process in time for the premier. “We want the story told by the people of the town, to show what highlights the best of a small community. Purely and simply, we are having the people of Mountaintop tell everyone about Mountaintop,” said Rice. “Right now we are in the process of getting started and spreading the word to the community to gauge the level of interest. We will be coming into town wants to meet and talk with people and get a sense of how they would like to participate in the next project.”

If anyone is interested in championing the project for Our Town, Mountaintop, they can contact John Rice at 570-602-1194