On and Off The Mountain - Stephanie Grubert

The come from behind victory was front and center Sunday night as the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl 34-28 over the Atlanta Falcons in a first ever overtime victory. The Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl title. Quarterback Tom Brady led his team to a miraculous come from behind victory to win the biggest prize in professional football. Brady now has the most Super Bowl wins of any quarterback, and Coach Bill Belichick has the most of any head coach with five Super Bowl wins on their cards. The fans of both teams saw the Patriots fight back to erase a 25 point deficit in the second half to win the war in overtime.

Our new president Donald Trump was on board for New England and the victory mirrored President Trump’s astonishing victory in the early morning hours of November 9, 2016 over a presumed invincible opponent. It’s not over until it is really over.

Charlie and I enjoyed the game and the day with Bob and Sue Grubert, complete with hours of snacks, refreshments and dinner. We had bets for the winning score for each quarter by adding up the total score and coming up with a single digit winner. I won the first with a 0, Sue won the second and third 4 and 7, and Bob took home the cash for the fourth quarter with a 6. As we had not factored in a 5th period I could not cash in on my other winning number of 2, as the total score at the end was 62 points for both teams.

I especially enjoyed the Lady Gaga half time show. The amazing young entertainer led a spirited entourage with high energy dancing, singing and acrobatics including some high wire stunts. Lady Gaga did not resort to skimpy provocative costumes or any political rhetoric. Her glitz and athletic prowess had energy to spare. She appeared to be a solid champion of wholesome entertainment. I will look for more of Lady Gaga.

Valentine’s Weekend

Next week we will celebrate Valentine’s Day, a sweet mid winter holiday that brightens up our season. All our grandchildren receive special valentines from their grandfather. I got my special flowers a week ahead, a beautiful bouquet of red roses. They will last for the better part of two weeks with loving care. I will also enjoy my favorite chocolate truffles.

Another loving Valentine tradition is enjoying a special meal in or out with your sweetheart. It doesn’t have to be fancy, there are lots of choices throughout the Eagle’s pages and all have been serving their customers for many years. Whether it is steak, seafood, chicken or vegetarian, Mountaintop has a favorite stop for everyone. All have heart healthy choices too.

President Trump

President Trump finished his second week in office with a flurry of activity. The septuagenarian (a person who is 70 to 79 years old) has the energy and stamina of a much younger man.

One by one he addresses the campaign promises he talked about from the time he announced his candidacy June 15, 2015 until he was elected president almost 17 months later. In his first two weeks in office Trump issued 8 executive orders. In Barack Obama’s first two weeks as president he issued 9 orders. All of the Trump orders reversed prior orders issued by the previous president. , Executive orders have been issued since our first President George Washington took office.

Trump’s showmanship is a delight to his supporters and anathema to his detractors. With the recent election so close, roughly have of the total population voted for Trump or Hillary Clinton. The anti-Trump protesters continue to be loud and dedicated. The Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has continued to plot attacks against the new administration by leading his party in stalling cabinet appointments. Schumer’s negative rhetoric about any aspect of the Trump administration is counterproductive and shameful.

We had an election and a majority of the states voted in Donald Trump. We won’t be waiting years for tax relief, a new health care plan, or immigration reform. Trump is making the business of government just that, a business. He touts his ability to get the job done. Both sides should give our new president a solid chance.

Magistrate Race Luzerne County’s Magisterial Court 11-3-06, 11th District race is getting very competitive with six declared candidates initiating meet and greet events and soliciting support three plus months before the primary election on May 16, 2017. Candidates can cross-file on both the Democrat and Republican tickets. The candidates are Thomas Szoke, chief of the White Haven Police; Brian Macko, an officer with the Wright Township Police; Ferris Webby, a defense attorney; John Augustine III, President and CEO of Penn’s Northeast; Stacey Acri, an attorney who also served in the Navy; and Tim Lenahan, a realtor and former mayor of the Penn Lake Borough. The six-year term pays $88,290 per year.

Ron Swank served as District Magistrate for 11-3-06 for 40 years. The court’s business includes: Small Claims (up to $12,000); Felony, Misdemeanor, Preliminary Hearings; and Traffic/other violations. The District Court is the first stop in the county criminal justice system.

The Mountaintop Eagle regularly publishes information from the District Court. Many cases relate to drugs, D. U. I., theft, and burglary. The District Court judge could be an attorney, but most of them are not. Their job is to preside over what I term “the people’s court”. The Eagle has extended its coverage to each of the declared candidates. We will follow their campaigns.

Our Town Mountain Top

Our local PBS station WVIA-44 is working on a Mountaintop version of their “Our Town” documentaries. Producer John Rice is looking for Mountaintop residents to share their stories about our community. John can be reached at 570-602-1194 or by email at johnrice@wvia.

org. Long time residents are sure to have enlightening stories about the evolution of our community that will make the Our Town Mountain Top an historic treasure.

Everyone is invited to a Community Meeting Wed., Feb. 15 6:30 p. m. at Kirby Library.

Enter to Win The Mountaintop Eagle is having

two exciting new giveaway contests. You could win a Family Four Pack of Tickets to the Jurassic Quest, February 17-19 at the Agri-Plex Allentown Fair Grounds. For a close up view visit www.JurassicQuest.com.

If Penguins Ice Hockey is more to your liking, enter to win one of eight Family 4 packs of club seat tickets to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Tuesday February 14th Penguins game.

Contest forms are on pages 6 and 11 of this week’s Mountaintop Eagle. Deadline for entries is February 17 for Jurassic Quest and February 10 for Penguins tickets. Coupons can be mailed to Mountaintop Eagle PO Box 10, Mountain Top, PA 18707 or dropped off at our office 85. S. Main Rd, Mountaintop. Winners will be chosen at random from all received entries.

FitBit I earned my Fitbit “Nile” badge

last week for my lifetime total of 4,132 miles, which is the distance of the Nile River in Africa which flows north into the Mediterranean Sea. I’ve been counting steps and miles with FitBit for 31 months since June 2014 and I aim for the 10,000-step mark most days of the month. Rain and snow can slow down my outdoor activity, but the FitBit counts all steps and even on the short days I enjoy using it. FitBit is basically an electronic pedometer, but it also tracks sleep and gives me a daily reading of how long and how efficient my sleep was the night before.

The fitness tracker business is growing and there are companies making many products at different price points. The basic FitBit Flex works for me and I have lots of colorful interchangeable bracelets to match whatever my mood or dress.

One of the fun things I do is participate in challenges with “Fitbit Friends”, who include my daughters Lara and Amy and grandchildren Maggie, Kate and occasionally Patrick Dicus. We compete for daily showdown, weekend warrior or workweek hustle badges. The Fitbit keeps us moving.