Roads Concerns Addressed At Dorrance Meeting

On the eve of the record snow-storm, Dorrance supervisors led by Gary Zane advised that Roadmaster Todd Badman was absent from the March 13th meeting because he was preparing for the rapidly approaching storm.

While road conditions were about to submarine under several feet of snow, current conditions weren’t so good complained Hollow Road residents. Supervisor Kevin Gallagher anticipated their comments, stating “When you called, we had just been through that thaw and then we had all that rain. The road was loose; it was very loose.” So loose, he acknowledged, that traction was evasive in some spots.

He explained that the number of wet areas along that rural, gravel road contribute to the swift deterioration of the driving surface. “Both sides of the road are surrounded by swamp.”

Gallagher continued, “I told you, last year we spent a lot of time working on paved roads. We had the opportunity to get some big sections done and paved. This Spring and Summer we are going to be concentrating more on the dirt roads.”

He reported that they are experimenting with the insertion of millings harvested when St. Mary’s Road was milled and resurfaced. The test was conducted on a section of Taney Road, he said, by gouging the driving surface and filling the grooves with the millings. “I did drive it the next day and then a week later and it tightened the road up,” he advised. “And we do have quite a bit of that material left,” he concluded that if the surface continues to hold together, they will apply this process in other wet areas.

In other business, it was reported

that one of the few commercial properties in Dorrance is under new ownship and is experiencing an upgrade. The KVal gas station on Blue Ridge Road is repurposing the large dining area and devoting more space to groceries and household products according to part-owner Pragnesh Patel.

Along with continuing to sell Valero gasoline, the former JL Market will also offer beer selections and provide finger foods and a much larger variety of groceries.

The owner and his contractor advised the board that they will be applying for permits to combine the divided interior space into one large area. In addition, two handicap ramps will be installed for ADA compliance.