Zoning And EMS Business Discussed At Slocum Meeting

Resident requests and EMS business dominated the discussion at the monthly meeting for the Slocum Township Board of Supervisors Tuesday, March 7, 2016.

Solicitor Ferris Webby reported on research he had done pertaining to a request from a resident to have an in home business. Webby informed the board that to be classified as such, the owner must reside in the same home as the business and therefore, the township resident must apply for a special exception.

In a separate matter, Webby also agreed to draw up an amendment to exempt from yearly garbage collection fees residents who have dumpsters on their property and do not use the curbside service.

Webby’s research report into resident Charity Benjamin’s request to put a coffee cart along Slocum Road was tabled due to the withdrawl of her request.

Zoning Officer George Webby reported that one permit had been issued last month for a pole building on the Lily Lake Road property of John Webby.

Slocum Fire Company Chief, Ron Burd reported that the Fire Company responded to 283 fire calls and 280 EMS calls in 2016. The fire company also presented their new protocols to decrease response times for Luzerne County 911, which were approved unanimously.

The supervisors also approved a motion by Peter Webby to advance the installation of the “I Am Responding” system for the Township EMA, Fire Company and Ambulance Association. The installation will start with the purchase of monitors for several locations in the fire hall and truck garage. The system, approved by the supervisors last meeting, is expected to assist with the coordination of manpower and equipment during emergencies.

Supervisor Pete Webby reported that he had met with several state