Crestwood To Borrow $4.5 Million In Bonds

Despite questions and some discouragement from the public, the Crestwood School Board approved taking out $4.5 million in bonds at its March 16 meeting. The use of the funds is yet to specified, but may include the construction of a new STEM building, as well as improvements in the elementary schools.

Board President William Jones explained that the work to be done will be clearer once the district receives its report from Hunt Engineers. The board hired Hunt in December to conduct a three-month evaluation of the school’s buildings, to help the district decide what renovations should be a priority and what may need improvement in the future.

Jones described all of the school buildings, constructed in the 1960’s or ’70’s, as “falling apart.” Heating the unrenovated buildings is costly and the need for improvements in the elementary schools is great, he said, as many of the classrooms are without walls or doors, but rather separated by dividers.

At last month’s board meeting, resident Rick Shutt pointed out the need for walls in the elementary schools and accused the board of not addressing the issue. While directors remained silent then, it appeared this month that new construction in those schools is now on the board’s agenda.

Shutt returned before the board March 16 and questioned directors for specifics on the use of the $4.5 million bond. Jones responded that the details aren’t clear as the board needs to plan projects carefully, taking into consideration many