Acri-A Fresh Perspective For Magisterial District Judge
CANDIDATE AND FAMILY-Magisterial District Judge candidate Stacey Acri is shown with her husband, Ed Groth and children Jack, 7, Clark, 9, and Ava, 12.

Active in the Mountaintop community, local attorney Stacey Acri is seeking to represent her neighbors as our next District Judge. Her Magisterial District covers the Townships of Fairview, Dennison, Dorrance, Wright, Rice and Slocum along with the Boroughs of Nuangola, Penn Lake Park and White Haven.

Stacey Acri is not from a political family, nor does she have deep entrenched networks in the business community. Rather, Stacey Acri’s public service is based on her years as a US Naval Officer and as a local Advocate for Justice.

“Serving as a Judge Advocate in the US Navy, I fought for our democracy and our freedoms while in the US Navy. These very freedoms allow us today to exercise these rights and elect those whom we believe best represent us and our values,” Acri stated.

Acri served on board the USS BOXER as Judge Advocate for thousands of American Sailors and Marines, and she was deployed overseas at the time of the 9/11 attacks. As the United States entered uncertain times, Acri’s steady hand helped guide our troops through changes to rules of engagement in combat. Today, she practices estate planning and family law and has been an advocate for local children in our judicial system.

The Acri family has a long standing commitment to service in our community as noted by Stacey’s involvement in a variety of public service roles including serving as an active member of St. Jude’s Parish, the Rice Elementary PTA, Wright Township Auditor, the Mountaintop American Legion Post #781, and numerous benefit drives and community activities. Her children are also active in sports, scouting, and community service.

“As the granddaughter of hard working Polish immigrants who strived to make our family and community stronger, I pledge to bring those same values of service, compassion and fairness to our bench” Acri noted.

Acri has a far more comprehensive background than simply passing a four-week certification course. Stacey earned a law degree from Penn State Dickinson School of Law and is a graduate of King’s College and Crestwood High School. With nearly two decades of legal experience from military law to family law, Acri does not require on the job training.

Being the only Veteran and the only woman in race, Stacey Acri brings a fresh perspective to judicial advocacy.

As District Judge, Stacey Acri believes that a judge must do more than serve behind the bench and has outlined a 4 Point Plan including: 1) Serving Mountaintop by being part of the Mountaintop community; 2) Partnering with local law enforcement to keep our neighborhoods secure; 3) Visiting senior centers and civic organizations to ensure seniors’ needs are being served by the justice system; and, 4) Engaging with local schools to ensure our youth have the right foundation as they grow to be contributing members of the Mountaintop and surrounding communities.

“I seek to continue my service to my neighbors as District Judge by bringing a fresh perspective to the bench. There are candidates that have a ton of money and are politically well-connected. That’s part of politics and I get that, but the very heart of our democracy enables us to vote our conscience for whom we feel is the best qualified for the job and is not just a household name,” Stacey Acri concluded.