Hoops For Hope Supporters Make Fundraiser Success

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank everyone for their participation in this year’s Hoops for Hope at Crestwood High School. Our preliminary total is $3,333.50, along with an additional $196 donated from the halftime activities to Mountain Top’s “Think Pink” Foundation. The final total is still pending on Cupcake Camper and t-shirt dollar amounts.

Without the silly string participants, officials, basketball players, volunteers, and everyone who played a role behind the scenes, this would not be possible. Only with the great people of the Crestwood School District can this event be successful year after year.

This year, two young students, Maria Ellis and Dylan Domzalski, shot for the opportunity to win $5,000. Both of them narrowly missed. The video of their attempts is available on the “Crestwood Hoops for Hope” Facebook page.

The Mountain Top Youth Basketball League (MYBL) Coaches successfully defended their championship and defeated the Junior Class of 2018 in the championship tilt.

As always, if anyone has any suggestions for the future, please contact me. Once again, thank you for making Hoops for Hope as special as it is.

List of Champions:

9th Annual (2017): MYBL Coaches/Referees

8th Annual (2016): MYBL Coaches/Referees

7th Annual (2015): Senior Class of 2015

6th Annual (2014): Senior Class of 2014

Champions before that are currently unavailable. If anyone can provide any information to help update the list, please contact me at lukemodrovsky@yahoo.com

Thanks! Luke Modrovsky