On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

Welcome spring! The Vernal Equinox was Monday March 20 and it brings “increasing daylight, warming temperatures, and the rebirth of flora and fauna”, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. Unfortunately last week’s record breaking snowstorm on Tuesday March 14 left Mountaintop with 20.8 inches followed by another 7.1 inches on Wednesday for a grand total of 27.9 inches for the combined events. Frigid temperatures from 5 to 10 degrees throughout the week added to the misery. The huge amount of snow gave cleanup crews plenty of work. The Eagle learned that snow plows were breaking all around the mountain from municipalities to private contractors because of the heavy moisture laden snow.

Weatherman Tom Clark says this week’s temperature ranges will span 50 degrees with 60’s likely this weekend. We’re almost over the worst, although some of my correspondents fear the snow will be on the ground until April. Dog walkers and fitness walkers and runners were challenged with the massive snowfall. It too shall pass.

I will surely be tilling my garden soil in April, getting the new season’s seeds and plants into the ground. Easter is April 16, 2017. Those birds will be singing their little hearts out before we know it.

New Golf Season

Meanwhile the Blue Ridge Ladies Tuesday Night Golf League will hold their organizational meeting on Saturday March 25 at noon at the Blue Ridge Clubhouse. The league welcomes all women who have enough golf experience to keep the ball in play. The league is not an instructional league, but women who want to learn can take lessons from the Blue Ridge Pro. Frequently ladies dedicated to the sport take lessons anyway.

I have the best teacher in the world with my husband Charlie, whose patience surpasses all. He often gives instruction on my weak points and for a time I can incorporate those options into my game. He’s good at reading greens and when I successfully follow his suggestion I always say “Thank you coach!”

Plans are also shaping up for the Eighth Annual Blue Ridge Trail Pink & Blue Golf Tournament on Saturday June 2. The event has generated nearly $70,000 in donations in its first seven years. The prizes keep getting better and the camaraderie of the golfers is infectious. I will keep Mountaintop Eagle readers posted on the tournament as plans shape up.

March Madness At this writing the Sweet 16

are onboard for their games next weekend. Favorites in our house include Gonzaga, Michigan, Purdue, Arizona, Butler, North Carolina and Florida. The upsets are as much of the fun as seeing the powerhouse teams play to the top. So much for my picks!

This is my fourth year of “madness” in our family fun pool to predict the winners. I’m holding tough at Number 8 in our 20-member pool. Last year I had Villanova winning it all but winning successive years is not a gambler’s choice and so this year I stuck with the Zags. Win or lose the tournament has all members following the teams.

St. Patrick’s Day Brisket I cooked up a brisket for our St.

Patrick’s Day meal last week. It was the easiest meal I have ever made. I had purchased a pre-cooked brisket and added carrots, celery and potatoes to the pot. We enjoyed the most tender and flavorful simple meal ever. I could cook it once a week, but I don’t know that I will find beef briskets readily available year round. Still it was fun to enjoy a seasonal meal on one of our favorite holidays.

Spring Sports Although our “February spring”

like weather gave us false hope for an early spring, the new baseball/ softball seasons are just beginning. The Mountaintop Area Little League, the Crestwood sports teams and the American Legion programs will take to the ball fields in a couple of weeks. The crack of the bat and the cheers from the stands will fill the air for the next few months. Baseball begins just as March Madness ends.