PJAS Awards

MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS WIN PJAS AWARDS-from Crestwood High School and Middle School recently attended the Regional Meeting of Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science held Saturday, March 4, 2017 on the campus of Wilkes University. These students presented projects in Science and Math. Twenty-seven students earned first awards, while 18 earned second awards. Caltaldo LaMarca earned the Excellence Award in Senior High Math with his perfect score and Kayla Supkowski earned the Excellence Award in Junior High Math. All students that earned a first award will present their projects again in May at the State Meeting which will be held at Penn State Main Campus, State College. Shown, front from left: Athena Chin, Tanisi Patel, Erin Barno, Myatalia Barna, Jay Bhavsar, Courtney Dushanko, Victoria Harper, Nicole Joseph, Nicholas Matthews, Katie Ritsick, and Jelena Goldstein. Row two: Carina D’Souza, Carter Laubach, Nathan Thomas, Quinn Zabiegalski, Kevin Cheng, Payton Glynn, Priyal Patel, Nick Curry, Kristen Carter, Korina Cheng, and Zarqua Ansari. Row three: Abigail Post, Neha Metgud, Rachel McFarland, Brooke Weiss, Laura Miller, Samantha Legg, Aaron Kleger, Shiv Patel, Paige Gould, Madison Weiss, and Erik Thomas Back: David Wan, Dhruv Patel, Kevin Regep, Kayla Supkowski, Madyson Sobolewski, Tim Gallagher, Nihar Patel, Rianna Ambosie, Anthony Poyer, Thomas Perillo, Prit Patel, and Cataldo LaMarca. Mrs. Michaline Harper, Mrs. Jean Zanolini, and Mr. Michael Stanek, are the advisors.