St. Martin-In-The Fields Marks 90th Anniversary
ST. MARTIN-IN-THE-FIELDS CELEBRATES ANNIVERSARY-The “little stone church”, St Martin-In-The-Fields will celebrate its 90th anniversary on Easter Sunday, April 16, Shown in front of the church are: Don Herres, Senior Warden; Pat Siegel, Secretary; Harriet Weyhenmeyer, and JaneannLokken, Jr. Warden.

St. Martin-In-The-Fields Church in Rice Township will mark their 90th anniversary at their Easter Sunday service.

St. Martin’s, located at the corner of Church and Nuangola Roads, is perhaps one of the most recognized structures in the Mountaintop area. The Old English Gothic style church was drafted by Rockefeller Center designer T. Sommers Newman of Wilkes-Barre and constructed of stones selected from local stonerows and farms by a master Italian mason. A belfry, rather than a traditional steeple, marks the top of the building and houses a bell that was salvaged from a demolished schoolhouse in Nanticoke.

The inception of St. Martin’s began

in 1916 when a Bible study group of varying denominations outgrew the home of Fred S. Pettit in Nuangola Station; the area where the present day Ice House Pub is now located. Eventually, the growing group chose to become an Episcopalian congregation and Mr. Petit offered the use of his new chicken hatchery for services and Sunday school. Expansion of Petit’s poultry business made it necessary for the congregation to move just 5 years later and in June of 1921, they rented a small wooden schoolhouse from Richard Jones, who had purchased the building and moved it to his

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