Rice Residents In Laurel Lakes Less Rattled By Truck Traffic

Complaints about heavy truck traffic have calmed since Rice Supervisor Bob Pipech and engineer Andy Pasonick met with managers of the ongoing PPL high tension wire project near Laurel Lakes.

At the April 4 Rice Township supervisors’ meeting, Pipech said he and Pasonick had asked PPL to change the tri-axle trucks’ routes in order to alleviate concerns citizens raised at the March meeting regarding high traffic levels and potential for damage to roads.

Loaded trucks are now proceeding off Aspen Drive up Laurel and down Lakeview, turning around at the bottom of Lakeview at Laurel and then going back up to the construction road. Empty trucks, because they are lighter, can go down Laurel and cross the new culvert onto Aspen. Prohibiting loaded trucks from crossing the new culvert reduces the potential for it to be damaged.

“We don’t have the guests here that we’ve had in the past, so that must be squared away,” board chair Marcia Thomas said, noting low citizen turnout for the supervisors’ meeting implied the concerns about truck traffic had eased.

Police Chief Bob Franks added that PPL project managers have been very responsive ever since their meeting with Pipech and Pasonick. One day, PPL “brought in a huge drill rig that tore up the lawns” alongside the roads where it had made turns. But the same day, the company also brought in a skid steer to repair those yards, plant grass seed and scatter straw, Franks said.

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