Misericordia University

COLLABORATIVE CARE SUMMIT PARTICIPANTS-Misericordia University served as one of seven host sites for the 8th annual Collaborative Care Summit that featured more than 850 students and 148 faculty facilitators from 12 colleges and universities in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. Facilitators participating in the program, front from left, are Laurie Brogan, Misericordia University; Julie Cleary, LCCC; Dana Cacioppo, LCCC; Bethany Francis, Misericordia; Pam MacNeely, King’s; Susan Barker, of Mountaintop, Misericordia; Jack Goble, Jr., Misericordia; Christine Shatto, PSU-Hazleton; Randy Shatto, PSU-Hazleton, and Gina Capitano, Misericordia. Row two: Darlene Donnelly, of Mountaintop, Misericordia; Tianna Bolmsky, PSU-Hazleton; Maureen Savner, of Mountaintop, LCCC; Nicole Evanosky, Misericordia; Noreen Brzozowski, LCCC; Michelle Schmude, of Mountaintop, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, and Vicky Shah, Wilkes. Row three: Rita Cross, King’s College; Lynn Blazaskie, Misericordia; Lorraine Novinger, King’s; John Conrad, LCCC; Matthew Toniatti, King’s, and Kathleen Gelso, Misericordia. Back: Dawn Evans, Misericordia; Jean Denion, King’s; Lori Charney, Misericordia; Jennifer Dessoye, of Mountaintop, Misericordia; Rita Carey, Misericordia; and David Hage, Misericordia .