Autism Awareness

AUTISM AWARENESS-April is Autism Awareness month and this is Step By Step, Inc.’s 7th year reading about autism to over 900 children in 65 classrooms across Northeastern PA. In addition to listening to the stories about children who have autism, the First Grade students at Wilkes-Barre Academy were each given a book, a bookmark, and coloring sheet to share with their family. Shown in front are: Angaj Dabhia, Braden Hernandez, Mountaintop; Annabella Betts, Darsh Choudhury, Sam Jefferson, and Jaisel Dabhia. Back: Mrs. Michele Duris, Step-by-Step; Calendria Stevens, Olivia Langdon, Ayaana Rahman, Noah Pollman, Mateo Cruz, Ethan Menent, Dylan Hughes, Wesley Kissinger, Kaelen VanVliete and Ms. Rosemary Dobbs, Step-by-Step.