Spring Cleaning Begins In Wright Twp.

Spring cleaning has begun in Wright Township as crews from the Department of Public Works are out picking up leaves and debris left over from last autumn. At the Board of Supervisors’ April 10 meeting, Chairman Louis Welebob Jr. explained that residents wishing to have their leaves removed should rake the debris to the shoulder of the road.

Resident Rick Ford questioned why the township’s two trucks aren’being used simultaneously for faster leaf pickup. Welebob commented that the public works crew consists of three men. If two trucks were used, one would have a driver but no one on the back to rake and load leaves. The township, however, is seeking a fourth worker, Welebob noted, so that both trucks can be utilized.

In addition to leaf pickup, the township will hold its annual spring cleanup, the first week of May, allowing residents to dispose of bulky or electronic items. These items can be discarded in dumpsters at the rear of the municipal building, as long as residents obtain a permit to do so, and anyone with larger items can call the municipal building to arrange pickup at his home, for a fee.

At the April 11 meeting, the board approved Stella Enterprises, the sole bidder, to furnish dumpsters for the cleanup, at a cost of $495 per dumpster. The board also approved motion that Abe Solomon’s provide dumpsters for scrap metal at no cost.

In other business, the supervisors were asked by resident Paul Slocum about the township’s application for