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gaming grants. Welebob explained that, in 2016, grants were obtained to pave roads at Walden Park and, this year, the township hopes to continue to pave there.

“Walden Park may not have as many miles of roads, but, of all the developments, it probably has the most roads,” Welebob said. “When applying for a grant, it’s a wishlist.” Slocum stated that, as a resident of Walden Park, he appreciates the township’s efforts.

The Wright Township Police Department answered 280 calls in March, including four counts of theft, three disorderly conducts, three harassment calls, and one count of the following: fraud, weapons possession, child abuse, and littering, stated Supervisor Jerome Uram. Police issued 16 traffic citations, four non-traffic citations, and four warnings.

Police also assisted with seven motor-vehicle accidents and helped other agencies 23 times. Three officers had training sessions on various topics last month.

The Wright Township Fire Police handled 20 incidents in March, Uram went on, including eight accidents, six fires, five false alarms, and one EMS assist. The fire police helped Rice Township six times and Dorrance and Fairview Township twice.

The Wright Township Volunteer Fire Department handled 34 incidents in March, including several structural fires, weather-related emergencies, and motor-vehicle accidents, reported Supervisor Michael Marshall.

Training sessions have been held each week for firemen and department members have been busy planning their annual bazaar, to be held June 9 to 11. For more information, visit www.wtvfd.com.

Welebob noted that members of the public works department had to clean out many township fire hydrants that were buried in snow. While some residents took care of this problem, many did not, he said, and, in the future, they should be aware of hydrant locations and the need to keep them clear for safety.

The public works department received and corrected two complaints in March and received and completed nine requests for work, Welebob continued. One driveway permit was received and is under review.

Crews also used cold patching to fill in potholes, repaired and inspected township vehicles, and managed the massive snow removal that came with the March 14 blizzard.

The township’s parks and recreation committee held its annual Easter egg hunt on April 8 and over 1,400 eggs were hidden for local children, reported Supervisor Colleen Macko. At its March meeting, the committee discussed enhancements to the municipal park’s walking trails and a subcommittee was created to raise funds for the newly-approved dog park.

The zoning department issued two permits in March, one for a garage and one for an addition, stated Supervisor Donald Zampetti. The zoning officer sent out six letters notifying residents of violations to the zoning law, including two for property-maintenance violations, one for pollution running off a property, and one for an accumulation of rubbish and garbage.

Welebob announced that Local Government Day will be held on April 20. That day, third-grade students from Fairview, Rice, and St. Jude’s elementary schools will visit the municipal building and learn about how the township operates.