On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert
SEMINAR WELL ATTENDED-A large crowd attended an April 6 seminar on gun laws at the Wright Township Fire Hall. The event, which was sponsored by Mountaintop on the Move, was created to dispel rumors about self-defense using firearms.

Oh what a beautiful Easter weekend we enjoyed. The forsythia and daffodils are so bright and cheery in so many yards on my street and wherever I travel this week. The trees are just starting to push out the smallest buds. My lilac came out over the three-day weekend and I will surely see some flowers in the next few weeks.

The Dicus family arrived in Mountain Top on Good Friday afternoon just in time for an invigorating hike up the mountain trail and some Frisbee in the yard. Lara and I took the long route up to the crushed drainpipe, a 3.8 mile round trip from my house. I walk 20 to 21 minutes per mile on the flat but when the hills challenge me it is a 28-minute mile. All the better for getting a good workout.

Saturday I made the “big breakfast”, which really isn’t all that big. An abundance of fluffy fortified pancakes and a beautiful fruit salad gave us the energy for the day. Everybody but me and 12 year old Kate hiked in from one of the Gamelands entrances on Heslop Road down to the Beaver Dam where the creek empties runs under the bridge and on down.

Kate wanted to earn some cash and I offered her a job of raking the sticks off the lawn. I joined her and the two of us licked the task with energy to spare in less than 3 hours. The sun was shining and the air smelled sweet and we were happy to get our cleanup job done.

Next up for me is the tilling of the garden soil and next month planting the vegetable garden. It is the yearly ritual for me and I am thrilled to introduce garden tasks to my grandchildren.

Our family went to Easter Mass at St. Jude’s Church, which was very well attended of course. Fr. Jeff Tudgay recognized that there were many visitors who were doing their annual duty and our family fell into that slot, although the Dicus family is the rock of their church in Brooklyn. My grandson Patrick remarked that the congregation was very diversified. St. Jude’s has a vibrant cross section of worshippers. I had not been to St. Jude’s for mass in several years and saw many friends and neighbors. The new church under construction will be a major change for the St. Jude’s family and Fr. Tudgay said he thought that this Easter Mass would be the last in the old church. And then he surmised that Christmas could be celebrated in the new church and maybe even the end of summer could see the new church finished.

There was a sense of respect and love in the congregation on Easter Sunday at St. Jude’s. The Catholic Church has survived for centuries with its high’s and lows. Mountain Top is on a high.

Easter Lamb

For dinner I made a leg of lamb purchased lovingly by Charlie Grubert along with two jars of mint jelly. I made scalloped potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts. All the dishes were enjoyed and finished. It is amazing how much food four growing children ages 15, 14, 12 and 9 can consume. It was the first Easter dinner I have made in quite some time so now that I have tried it once I will add some other offerings next time.

Lara and Mark brought their Easter egg stash and “hid 47 eggs in plain sight” in our large yard. The boys aggressively gathered eggs faster than their younger sisters and Patrick got the special egg with a $2 bill in it. I thought that was a great prize. My father always had $2 bills and spent them around our little Kirkland town. I have a stash of my own, which I ordered from the bank years ago. Just a little something fun for Easter Sunday.

So now we move ahead into spring and there will be showers and cool days but there will be sunny warm days too. Last year the cool damp spring killed the Gypsy Moth larvae saving our forests for the next 7 plus years until the next cycle comes again.

Gun Law Seminar More than 200 people attended

the Gun Law Seminar at the Wright Township Firehall April 6. The Eagle’s editors were amazed that there was so much interest in our small relatively crime free community. The right to bear arms is our Second Amendment to the Constitution and we take that right seriously. Be sure to read our update of the Gun Law Seminar in this week’s paper.

The panel included Wright Township Police Chief Royce Engler, who explained law enforcement’s role in the use of deadly force said “officers draw their weapons as they feel deadly force on their part may be necessary.”

Attorneys Chris Slusser, Chris Opiel and Brett Riegel, who all affirmed more than once during the discussion “keep quiet and call a lawyer immediately” or to “shut up and lawyer up” if a shooting should occur.

I wonder why the presenters did not emphasize calling the police at the time of the incident.

Gary Tredinnick, a firearms dealer and owner of Mountaintop Outdoorsman related that a pistol is his preferred as it is small and easy to control and added that martial arts and pepper spray are better options than using firearms.

Dr. Mark Bohn, a retired NRA firearms instructor moderated the event. “You are all responsible for all actions you take by a firearm.”

Story Tips The editor appreciates all of the

tips our readers offer for stories. The Mountain Top Eagle has a unique position in the community. Much of the local news travels by word of mouth, but we are the official historians. Please keep the information flowing.