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2002, but he lost all his original paperwork in a 2011 house fire.

The township has permit applications on file for the property, but Snelson said he is unable to decipher some of the writing on the documents, and the prior zoning officer is now deceased.

At the meeting, Snelson asked Karpowich if the property could be granted “nonconforming use” status in order to allow Medvitz to continue operating. He noted that Medvitz has never tried to hide the fact that he is operating a business and has always attended township meetings and filed permit applications when seeking to alter buildings on his property.

After the meeting, Karpowich reviewed the documents the township has on file but said a nonconforming use status could not be granted because the issue is whether the business was ever legal in the first place.

Also after the meeting, Green said his chief complaint about Medvitz is that he’s operating a business without a permit.

Snelson stated he would discuss the situation further with Karpowich and then issue a letter announcing his determination. Either party would have the opportunity to file an appeal if desired, he said.

During the public comment period, resident Andrea Marsicano asked that Roadmaster Todd Badman determine whether the ditch in front of her property at Mountain View and Chipper roads could be fixed. The ditch wasn’t draining properly before, and after the township removed some trees, the situation just got worse, she said.

In other business, supervisors noted the Blue Ridge Development hearings are tentatively scheduled to resume at 6 p. m. June 1.

William Brior and Brior Environmental Services were named as primary sewage enforcement officer with Samantha Brior designated as alternate. Hired James Schwartz and Joshua Hudak as substitute recycling attendants at $8.75 per hour.

Voted to advertise for bids to double tar and chip Creek Road pending state Department of Transportation review of the project.

Approved an application for the Heller Minor Subdivision with four waivers as recommended by the planning commission, along with a sewage planning module for the subdivision.

Voted to hold township cleanup and recycling from 7 a. m. to 2 p. m. Saturday, May 6. Rates are $15 per carload, $20 for small pickups or trailers, and $50 for trucks over ¾ ton.