Kindler, Michalesko Contribute To PSU-Hazleton Baseball Wins

Nittany Lions picked up their first Penn State University Athletic Conference victory of the season in a nine innings with Worthington Scranton.

The Nittany Lions played host on April 11 to finish up the season series. Hazleton won the two-day series with Worthington Scranton and moved to a 3-4 record in the PSUAC.

Penn State Hazleton defeated Penn State Worthington Scranton by a score of 12-2.

Hazleton led 2-0 lead through the first four innings. The Hazleton offense scored for six runs in the fifth and four runs in the sixth to win the game.

Freshman Adam Michalesko, Drums, was the winning pitcher, striking out Worthington Scranton through the first five innings.

In the bottom of the fifth, Hazleton picked up four runs starting with an RBI single from Michalesko. The inning ended on a bases loaded double by freshman Tim Kindler of Mountaintop who blasted the ball to center field. Two crossed the plate.

In the bottom of the sixth, Michalesko scored from second base. In the second game, Penn StateHazleton

won, 15-5 in six innings. Kindler scored a team-high fiveruns,

with two RBI and two stolenbases, finishing 2-for-3 offensively.

In the bottom of the second, Kindlerhad an RBI single, and scored runs inthe second and fourth innings.

Kindler, a Biological Engineeringmajor, is a graduate of CrestwoodHigh School.

Michalesko, a Communicationsmajor, is a graduate of MarianCatholic High Shool.