James Costello Candidate For Crestwood School Director
COSTELLO FAMILY-James Costello, candidate for Crestwood School Board, is shown with his wife, Amanda, and their daughters, Chloe and Madison.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is James Costello and I am seeking a seat on the Crestwood School Board.

I am a loving father of two wonderful girls, Chloe and Madison. I am a 1996 graduate of GAR High School and a Penn State alum, graduating in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. I was extremely fortunate to make my way back to Northeastern PA in 2007. I reside in Wright Township with my wife Amanda, and our two daughters.

I am in this race to represent our children’s educational future as well as our community by helping to build an educational system for the 21st century that focuses on student achievement while assuring fiscal responsibility and sound judgment of tax payers’ dollars.

My vision of our school board is one that will focus on student achievement for all students through a quality educational environment that involves the community while assuring our stakeholders that decisions are executed with fiscal responsibility and sound judgment.

I am the candidate who will provide you with a voice in the schools and I have a clear vision of how we can work together to achieve the educational goals of our community.

I cannot think of a better way to serve our community than as a School Director for Crestwood School District. For more information about my candidacy please visit our website www.vote4costello.comI would greatly appreciate your vote and thank you for this great opportunity.