Mountaintop Police Address Drug Epidemic

Drug overdoses and fatalities have been steadily on the rise in Luzerne County and police in Mountaintop, along with the county’s district attorney, are working to stop this epidemic. While the number of overdoses is significantly lower in Mountaintop than the cities of Luzerne County, drug use is still a problem here and police are being proactive in getting a handle on it.

Community involvement is vital, stressed both Wright Township Police Chief Royce Engler and Luzerne County DA Stefanie Salavantis. When residents report suspected drug use or suspicious activity in their neighborhoods, it greatly aids law enforcement in cleaning up the streets.

The Wright Township Police are implementing a new drug hotline, where citizens can anonymously call to report drug use or suspicions of such. With these calls, police can investigate and hopefully end drug dealing and drug use in Mountaintop.

“We encourage people to call or to let us know,” Engler stated. “Stop by the police station, you don’t have to give us your name.”

A similar system is set up at the county level. Residents can call hotlines there or email,,to report drug activity. “Law enforcement can’t do this alone,” Salavantis noted. “People need to help. These hotlines and community involvement will pay off.”

Residents who see unusual activity,