On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

Spring is teasing us day by day with sun in and sun out, temperatures warm and temperatures cool. Surprisingly 2017 is giving us one of the earlies leaf furlings in years. I always mark the budding in my yard and the forest at May 10 to 15. We had a beautiful color show in April this year. A ride around our beautiful town shows so much color from the flowering trees and early blooming shrubs. And the blooms stay longer when the temperature is cool. The oaks will be the last to furl out so we have a couple of weeks to enjoy the tender green leaf show.

I spent some quality time raking in my yard Sunday afternoon. First it was the sticks that fell off the trees from regular annual shedding and then I finished off raking the leaves out of the flower beds. I only have beds around my house so the job is not overwhelming. In due time they will be ready for the summer annuals.

The vegetable garden plot will be tilled in the next 10 days. Tilling aerates the soil and is essential for growing healthy plants. Tilling also chops up pesky weed roots.

I won’t plant in the garden until mid-May. Last year we had a killing frost on May 16 with an overnight temperature of 30 degrees, according to our Mountaintop weatherman Tom Clark. The tomatoes and other varieties that are vulnerable to a killing frost are better left until Memorial Day weekend. Cool weather lettuce, broccoli, radish, carrot and onions are fine.

I have been planting vegetables for the past 47 years. My garden is an entertaining hobby that gives me regular exercise all season long from preparing the soil, planting, harvesting and finally cleanup. And enjoying the fresh from the garden crops is always a treat.

Another spring time tradition is purging the closets. I like to look over my collection every year and pass on items that no longer fit but still have some value. I have been selling items on eBay for the past two years. It takes time to take photos, take measurements and create listings, but when an item is sold I know someone else will enjoy it in the future. There are also donations to Salvation Army and thrift stores. It is just another aspect of recycling.

Magistrate Decision

We are just about at the end of the spring political season. Primary Election Day is May 16 and the six candidates running for District Magistrate in Mountaintop are working hard to meet and greet voters for their support. The first candidate to announce his intention was Ferris Webby of Slocum the week after Thanksgiving. That was five months ago. Four candidates reside in the greater Mountaintop area and two hail from White Haven and Penn Lake.

Ron Swank held the position for 40 years. The Magistrate term is 6 years with mandatory retirement at age 70. The job pays $88,400 per year.

The Mountaintop Eagle will publish a Magistrate Candidate Review in our May 10 edition. Questions have been sent to all the candidates. Most of the candidates have invested in signs, advertisements and meet and greet events.

Candidates for Crestwood School Board, the local municipalities, and the Luzerne County Council are also reaching out to the voters these weeks before election. Many races are decided in the primary, so make sure you vote. Your vote is your voice in government. Election Day is important for all.

Taste of the Mountain

The Rotary Club of Mountaintop is once again holding their 7th Annual Taste of the Mountain event on Sunday May 21st from 2 to 5 p. m. at the Glen Summit Clubhouse. The popular event is limited to 140 tickets sold. Rotary Club President Michele Reilly said the club had huge turnouts in recent years off the mountain, but decided to return to its Mountaintop roots. I remember enjoying the inaugural event at the Glen Summit Casino. There were lots of local restaurants participating and the variety was delicious.

Tickets are $40 and are available at Triangle Pharmacy and through www.TasteOfTheMountain.com.

Crestwood Prom Crestwood High School had their

Junior-Senior Prom last Saturday. The fun of dressing up and going out to celebrate with friends for the evening will be long remembered. Many proud parents posted photos of their kids on Facebook. I still remember my own prom on May 10, 1964.

Cinco de Mayo There is a special celebration this

week. Friday is Cinco de Mayo, the fifth day of May, commemorating the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). It is a relatively minor holiday in Mexico, but in many parts of the US it is the biggest party in town. What better reason to enjoy some enchiladas, chili rellano, tacos, refried beans—the lists go on and on and are always delicious. Enjoyed with a Margarita or a Corona beer, all you need is your colorful dancing skirt for a night to remember.