Letter to the Editor
Acri Best Qualified To Be Magisterial District Judge


Our esteemed magistrate, Ronald Swank, is retiring and the people of the Mountain Top area will be selecting a new magisterial candidate on May 16, 2017.

Local newspapers have published interviews to enable us to thoroughly review the candidates. Only Stacey Acri is ready to step into the position. Stacey is a King’s College graduate and earned her law degree from Penn State Dickinson College. She was a Judge Advocate in the Navy while serving at sea during the 9-11 attack on America. She has returned to her home area as a wife, mother of three school age children, and a practicing attorney.

Her plans as a serving magistrate include partnering with law enforcement, communicating with seniors and civic organizations, and engaging with our local schools. She will serve our community well, first and foremost, because she grew up in our area before leaving to become highly educated and qualified for the job. She then returned to the Mountain Top area to give back to her hometown community. Her vast experiences as Judge Advocate and a practicing attorney will serve her as our new magistrate.

On May 16, please elect Stacey Acri to fulfill the magistrate position!

Dorothy K. Petersen Mountain Top