On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

The WVIA-44 debut of “Our Town Mountain Top” is tomorrow, Thursday May 11 at 8:00 p. m. The program was produced with input from a number of Mountaintop residents over the past few months with the local PBS station. Many Northeastern towns have been featured in the past year. The premise is to offer personal recollections of the history of each town. The time frames vary, but we know that our Mountain Top was founded in 1788, so there is a wide window of opportunity for a one-hour documentary.

Some of the participants made short promos for the show, which have been broadcast in the past week or two. Dave Hourigan representing the Mountaintop Hose Co No. One and his business Century 21 Smith Hourigan Group is an enthusiastic partner for the production and also a financial sponsor of “Our Town Mountain Top.”

Mountaintop’s two service clubs, the Rotary and the Kiwanis, contributed to the program as well as a number of long time residents. The Mountaintop Eagle gave the WVIA-44 producers insight and guidance from their initial contact with us. A local newspaper has a unique presence in a community. We are writing the ongoing history of our town with each new edition. The Mountaintop Eagle has been publishing since 1971. There were earlier newspapers including The Mountainview, published by Andy Yurkanin. There are many pieces to our local history. “Our Town Mountain Top” is the first film version and worth a look May 11 at 8 p. m.

Gypsy Moth Time

The spring of 2017 is damp and wet, perfect conditions for killing more Gypsy Moths. Last year’s spring of 2016 was very similar and while many land owners in Mountaintop chose to spray to eradicate the hungry caterpillars before they morph into their larvae stage, the weather was a sure fire deterrent.

The leaves have budded on many trees and shrubs and the small caterpillars can be seen munching at this early stage. Local sprayers are ready to return for another round of spraying to neighborhoods that hired them last year.

Golf Games Challenged

The cool damp weather has kept golfers off the local courses and other outdoor activities are challenged. I missed several walking days last week and determined to finish my week with a strong finish I suited up in four layers including a down vest and a rain proof coat, wool hat and gloves to head to the woods in the 42 ° Sunday temperature for my hike into the Gamelands. It wasn’t bad. You just have to dress appropriately.

Only 10 women braved the blustery Tuesday afternoon and evening last week at our Blue Ridge Ladies League. Just about every one was shivering and cold at the end of their round. This week I am bound and determined not to let the cold weather stop me from any of my regular outdoor activities.

District Magistrate Race

The Mountaintop District Magistrate race has escalated in the past few weeks with all candidates getting their names out there on what appears to be hundreds if not thousands of signs. At least two candidates have large billboards, both electronic and traditional and meet and greet events continue to solicit face time with the candidates.

The Mountaintop Eagle is publishing its largest edition by page count in many years this week to bring all of the candidates advertising messages to our readers. The editorial staff also invited all 6 candidates to answer questions about their backgrounds and plans for implementing the duties of the District Magistrate if elected. The side-by-side comparisons are on page 6 of this week’s edition.

Government happens from the local municipality or school board on up the line to the county, state and federal jurisdictions. Voting is a privilege. Make sure you vote next week.

Pink & Blue Tournament

On another golf topic I am once again working on the Blue Ridge Trail Pink & Blue Tournament, which will be held this year on Saturday June 3. The tournament addresses cancer awareness and support as its theme. Proceeds this year will benefit charities in both Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties. They are: Extraordinary Cancer Care Foundation (Scranton), Prescription Assistance Fund at Medical Oncology Associates (Kingston) and Candy’s Place, a Cancer Wellness Center (Kingston). Each of these organizations is committed to assisting our local residents in their fight against cancer.

Cancer touches every family at some time in our lives. Early screenings for prostate, breast and colon cancer have saved thousands of lives over the years.

The Pink & Blue Tournament is also a lot of fun. There are cash prizes, raffles, and a friendly camaraderie that transcends from year to year. We always need golfers. The field had 120 last year and a full field is 144 so we are hopeful. Check out the registration form in this week’s paper, clip and send or drop off with payment at Blue Ridge Trail Golf Course. We all win with the Pink & Blue.

Mothers Day Oh and we are also celebrating

Mother’s Day this Sunday. Charlie and I often enjoy a round of golf on this special day and I look forward to the cheerful phone call greetings from each of our children. “Am I the first to call?” they all ask. It doesn’t matter to me who is first as they are all first on my list.

Mothers Day coincides with shopping for flowers for Mom and bringing home those fresh spring annuals for planting. It really isn’t safe to plant this early, according to our Mountaintop weatherman Tom Clark. We can have a frost late into the month of May. Monday morning it was 34 degrees at my house and probably colder in some other areas of our town. The cool weather is keeping the dogwoods and early blooming spring shrubs fresh and beautiful this year.

Kentucky Derby Did you enjoy the Kentucky Derby

last weekend? Watching the 2-minute race is a tradition in our family and we have a family competition to pick the winner. Charlie Grubert had the insight to pick Always Dreaming, the horse with ownership ties to Brooklyn, NY. No the horse did not train in Brooklyn, but his owners grew up there.

The festivities at the Derby are over the top. The women’s hats are all works of art and probably are worm only once. It is a world that I can only enjoy once a year on TV.

The excitement of the race got me digging out my Seabiscuit DVD. I love that movie about the racehorse that defied all odds to win his race against War Admiral in the depression year 1938. It is so full of hope, heart, disappointment and joy. And yes, I always cry a few times during the 140-minute movie. Seabiscuit wasn’t big, and he needed a special jockey, trainer, and owner. The book is by Laura Hillenbrand, who has written two amazing books that were made into movies: Seabiscuit and Unbroken. For an uplifting read or movie both are winners.