Fairview Supervisors Explain New Parking Ordinance

After adopting a new parking ordinance in Fairview Township May 2, the Board of Supervisors explained the particulars of the law, in an effort to clear misinterpretations of it.

The purpose of the ordinance, the fifth passed in Fairview Township this year, is to “prohibit the parking, standing, or stopping of a motor vehicle on a township road.”

Board Solicitor Donald Karpowich explained that vehicles that are parked on the street and obstructing normal traffic flow will be fined for each day of violation, anywhere from $25 to $300. Police also reserve the right to tow the violating vehicles.

After the board adopted the law, resident Michael McCann requested clarity. He asked if the occasional visitor to his property, parked on the side of the road, would be ticketed. “We’ve been hearing a lot

of misconceptions out there,” Supervisor Robert Orloski replied. “The need for the ordinance had more to do with people parking with their vehicles sitting halfway into the road on a regular basis and impeding traffic.”

He stressed that the violations have to occur repeatedly for the ordinance to be enforced and have to greatly restrict traffic, such as narrowing a street from two lanes to one. Orloski added, “Be assured our police will not be out there ticketing your party guests.”

Another resident, Joe Moran, asked the board if a garbage ordinance exists and related that he’s had issues with neighbors leaving bags of trash on the streets, attracting bears.