Nuangola Borough Council Reschedules Meeting To May 23

In the absence of a quorum on May 9, Nuangola council members decided to answer residents’ questions.

While Secretary-Treasurer Sabine Thomas reached out to missing members, President Joseph Tucker agreed to update residents on some ongoing issues with the approval of Solicitor Jack Dean.

Of primary concern is the ongoing matter of dilapidated structures in the borough. Resident James Stook has been a regular attendee of meetings over the past many months seeking a solution to the deteriorating property hazards.

He was informed by Councilor Michael Johnson, zoning liaison, “We have six of those currently outstanding…”

Johnson reviewed the status of the properties –each the subject of a nuisance ordinance violation filed with the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas. With a total of 10 properties on the original objectionable list, the violators are down to 6 and of those, Johnson reported, two have abated the nuisance or agreed to do so within 60 days.

Tucker added that the borough tried in each of these cases to bring the properties into compliance long before filing with the courts, but for safety reasons, they can’t delay any longer. In addition, he noted that one of the properties is also delinquent from the sanitary sewer hook-up mandated in Nuangola.

Also of note, Atty. Dean advised that the May meeting must be rescheduled as there is pressing business requiring Council’s action. He said that an Executive Session would be held at the end of this work session. When asked if the Executive Session relates to the claim the Nuangola Sewer Authority filed against sewer contractor Wexcon’s bond, Dean replied, “It has to do with potential litigation. I think we should leave it at that.”

In addition to a brief advisory that

4 seats are open for the upcoming election, the discussion also focused on the successful application for another Local Share Grant for the second year in a row.

Tucker stated that the borough must file applications for the gaming funds and, along with the request for borough funds for a much-needed plow truck and backhoe, council applied for an outdoor pavilion for the popular Grove Farmers’ Market last year.

This year they were awarded a grant for the historic Lake Association Pavilion, the 100+ year old heart of the lake-side community. “We received $39,000 in funding for repairs to that building,” he said, but expressed regret that the borough is not receiving the funding support for crucial infrastructure equipment.

The meeting was rescheduled for Tuesday, May 23rd at 7 pm.