St. Jude School

ST. JUDE STUDENTS ATTEND PRESENTATION ON BLESSED PAULINE-Students in grades one through eight attended a wonderful presentation about the life of Pauline von Mallinckrodt, now known as Blessed Pauline. The program was in honor of her 200th birthday, which will be celebrated soon. Pauline grew up in an aristocratic family, but had a deep love for Jesus Christ and those less fortunate than she. Pauline began reaching out to the poor when she was only seven years old and eventually organized groups to help the blind and the poor. During the program, several students were blindfolded and challenged to complete some of the spelling tasks used by Pauline in her work with the blind. Her dedication to these people led her to founding the Sisters of Christian Charity, which today has a presence on four continents. St. Jude School is privileged to have two Sisters of Christian Charity on campus. Sr. Ellen Fischer, SCC, Principal, and Sr. Mary Theresa Wojcicki, SCC, Secretary, and program presenter. Shown from left: Xavier Bleiler, Virginia Franks, Carson Carlo, Sr. Mary Theresa, Ella Novelli, and Allison Van Pelt.