Webby Tops Both Tickets In District Magistrate Race

The 2017 District Magistrate primary election results are in. Ferris Webby topped both the Democrat and Republican tickets followed by Stacey Acri in second, Brian Macko in third for the Democrats and John Augustine third for the Republicans. Augustine came in fourth for the Democrats with Macko fourth for the Republicans. Thomas Szoke and Tim Lenahan finished fifth and sixth on both tickets.

The hard fought election tallied 2256 Democratic votes and 2367 votes for the Republicans. Webby got 271 votes total on both tickets from Slocum, the highest number of votes by percentage in the 6 man field.

Voter turnout varied by municipality with the highest from Slocum Township with 43.81% and a total of 333 voters. Nuangola Borough was second highest with 41.52% of registered voters casting ballots. Wright Township voters were 31.43%, Dorrance 30.40%, Fairview 29.02% and Rice turnout the lowest of the six Mountaintop municipalities with 28.66%. County wide turnout was 19.84%.

Crestwood School Director

The Crestwood School Director race had six candidates cross-filed for 4 positions. Incumbent Maureen McGovern topped both the Democratic and Republican tickets with 1327 and 1310 votes respectively winning with 22.3% of the votes cast in each. Barry Boone was second for the Democrats with 1135 votes and incumbent Randy Swank had 1127 for the Republicans to come in second. Newcomer James Costello was third for the Democrats and fourth on the Republican slate to insure a position on both tickets. Randy Swank was fourth on the Democrat list and Costello was fourth on the Republican side. Newcomer Lauren McCurdy held fifth position on both tickets. Incumbent Al Miller failed to secure a re-election position coming in last on both tickets.

Barry Boone also won an open 2 year seat. He was the only candidate filing or that position. Boone cannot hold two seats and will likely stick with his 4 year seat option.

There were 5866 votes cast for Republican school board candidates and 5941 votes cast for the Democratic school board slate.

Municipal Races

On the municipal vote talley with two supervisor seats open, Wright Township voters nominated Matt Howton on the Democratic slate with 40.89% of the vote. Marcia Derwin got the other open nomination with 32.12% of the vote. Former

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