Ferris Webby Fulfills Dream With District Magistrate Win
NEWLY ELECTED DISTRICT MAGISTRATE Ferris Webby, an attorney, captured both party nominations in the May Primary. Webby will replace retiring Magistrate Ron Swank.

The Mountaintop Area had to choose a district judge for the first time in a generation earlier this month when six candidates vied for the coveted position. Wright Township Police Officer Brian Macko, White Haven Police Chief, Thomas Szoke, Tim Lenahan, Penn’s Northeast President and CEO, John Augustine, and attorneys Stacey Acri and Ferris Webby. After six months of campaigning, Webby claimed the victory in the May primary for both the Democratic and Republican Ticket.

Webby won both party nominations for the district that includes Nuangola Borough, Penn Lake Park, White Haven Borough, and Dennison, Dorrance, Fairview, Rice, Slocum and Wright Townships with 30 percent of the Democratic vote and 32 percent of the Republican vote, making him uncontested for the November general election. Acri finished a close second with 28 percent of the Democratic vote and 27 percent of the Republican vote. Macko, who had spent the most money of all the candidates, finished third on the Democratic side, while resident John Augustine finished