Nuangola Borough Council Accepts Sewer Settlement

Convening a postponed municipal meeting on May 23rd, the often-contentious group agreed unanimously to approve a settlement offer proffered by the Nuangola Borough Sewer Authority as the conclusion to disputes with sewer contractor Wexcom on road damages.

Council member and Sewer Authority representative Michael Johnson deferred to Borough Solicitor Jack Dean for a summary of the pending resolution.

“We have been going back and forth with the sewer authority and Wexcom for the past six months or so on a proposed settlement agreement and release,” he explained. “The sewer authority earlier this year approved a payment to the borough of $15,000. The sewer authority also negotiated a settlement with Wexcon in the amount of $15,233.80 for road repairs. And they negotiated a release which was forwarded to me by the solicitor.”

“So, we will be receiving –the borough –a total of $30,233.80,” Atty. Dean concluded.

As the guarantor of the sewer loan, Council must consent to the settlement agreement and mutual release, he said. He recommended that council act on the matter.

Johnson added that the sewer authority is seeking a release from the claim that was made against it by council. He also noted that the warranties under the sewer contract have expired as of April.

Council President Joseph Tucker clarified that the maintenance bond has expired and any damages reported to this point are addressed in the settlement proposition.

“I’d like to add,” Tucker noted, “That this is the third time that Wexcon and the sewer authority have transferred funds for road [damages] that I’ve proved were done by the contractor.” He also reported that the sewer laterals will remain under warranty for 5 more years.

It was reported that the borough engineer approved the amount of the damage estimate.

Tucker, who serves as the borough Streets Committee Chair, said, “We’ve gone through 3 freeze and thaw cycles and I think this is it. What is, is what it is. I think we take this money and go out and fix what we can with it.”

Council voted unanimously to accept the settlement agreement and release document.

Staying with road matters, Tucker addressed concerns raised by resident Frank Paluck regarding a deep void at the intersection of Lake and Raeder Avenues.

Tucker agreed, stating that that is one of the locations that will be repaired under the agreement. In addition, Tucker stated, there will pothole patching around the borough.

In other business, Tucker noted that the most recent Local Share Grant application was approved for only one item on their application –improvements to the Lake Association’s historic 100-year-old Pavilion, off Raeder Avenue. He said that this was the second year that a borough application benefited a non-profit in the municipality.

Johnson, who serves on the Lake Association board, thanked Council for seeking these funds to preserve the pavilion.

In addition, he announced that the Lake Association was reimbursing the borough for the application costs. Adding his thanks for the grant funds was Lake Assoc. officer Jeff Beck who reminded that many events held in the pavilion welcome the general public.

Reporting on lake health, Johnson said that the association has hired a new lake manager Princeton Hydro, a firm that also provides services to Harvey’s Lake. Johnson referenced the company’s quality reputation, explaining that they indicated that the location of the lake within the Chesapeake Bay watershed will likely result in many grant opportunities.