Mountaintop Students Awarded Degrees From King’s College

King’s College held its 68th Commencement Exercises on May 21.

King’s students from the Mountaintop area who received their degrees are:

Master of Education Curriculum and Instruction-Kayla

A. Boyer and Michael L. BugdaMaster of Science

Health Care Administration-Terri

A. McElhattan and Andrea M. MyersBachelor of Arts

Communications -Cheyenne Tarselli

Education-Sundeep K. Bahl, Nina Brunetti, Alyssa B. Hughes, and Brittany P. Snell

History-Jared Benjamin Kotsko Computer and Information

Systems-Cameron J. Pinto Medical Studies-Samuel S.

Goldheart and Julianna Grandinetti Neuroscience-Frederick Reyes-

Feliz and Felicia Lynn Solovey Bachelor of Science Business


Accounting-Timothy Joseph Carl

and Jenny L. Toribio Finance-Derek Thomas McManus

and Eric T. Rinehimer