On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

We hoped our first summer holiday weekend was dry and a little warmer than most of May, but now we are knocking on the door of the beautiful month of June and meteorological summer is here. The days are getting longer and longer although on the cloudy rainy days its hard to realize that. Those birds are chirping earlier and earlier and first light is about 30 minutes before the 5:37 a. m. sunrise today, May 31. That gives farmers a long day in the field and the plants if the sun shines there are many growing hours. Sunset is 8:25 p. m. today and on a clear night we can see for another half hour past that. There is an additional minute of daylight every day until the summer solstice on Wednesday June 21, 2017 at 12: 24 a. m. We can expect our first local harvests about July 4, which is only a month away.

I planned to plant my vegetable garden over the long weekend. If showers came and went that would be fine for the seeds and plants. It’s time to make hay while the sun shines.

Vigorous Election

Our small office is still talking about the recent vigorous District 11-03-06 Magistrate election. Six candidates duked it out for most of the last four months and some even earlier. There was one winner at the top of both tickets, Ferris Webby, but the individual results of the voting by municipality are an interesting study.

We got a request from a faithful Mountaintop Eagle reader last week asking us why we didn’t put a chart in with the election results. I chose to write the results in a narrative form listing the percentages of how each candidate fared with their votes. I had the information available from the Luzerne County Election Bureau and we decided to publish the magistrate and municipal results using the actual votes.

For the magistrate office we made a chart for all 6 candidates reporting by municipality where each candidate got their results.

Ferris Webby enjoyed strong support in Slocum Township. No other candidate came even close to Webby’s 132 Democratic Votes and 139 Republican votes. His dominance in most of the other townships was greatly challenged by Stacey Acri, who came in second overall. Acri was the top dog for the Democrats in Fairview, Nuangola, and Wright Township. Webby was also the high finisher in Dorrance and Rice on the Democratic ticket.

On the Republican ballot Acri edged Webby in Dennison, Fairview, Nuangola, and had larger margins in Penn Lake, White Haven and Wright Township.

The final tally for Webby was 685 Democratic votes and 744 Republican votes. Second place finisher Acri was short 54 votes on the Democratic slate and 110 on the Republican with 631 and 634 votes respectively.

The two candidates who spent the most money on their campaigns came in third and fourth. Brian Macko was third on the Democratic slate with 469. He did not prevail in any municipality including Fairview and Wright with 114 and 200 votes. Macko was fourth for the Republicans and trailed Webby and Acri in the larger municipalities as well for 392 total votes.

John Augustine came in fourth on the Democratic ticket behind Acri in Fairview, Rice, and Wright. He was third for the Republicans with a total of 415 votes trailing Acri in Fairview and pulling ahead of Acri and Macko in Rice.

What is surprising is the depth that second place finisher Stacey Acri had in nearly every township except the Webby strongholds in Slocum and Dorrance.

Ferris Webby has said he will serve one term as District Magistrate. We could see Stacey Acri mounting a challenge for magistrate or another elected office in the future. The candidates have survived their grueling campaigns. Congratulations to all for participating in local government.

Summertime The school year is drawing to

a close. Crestwood High School graduation is Monday June 12 6:00 p. m. at the Mohegan Sun Arena. There are lots of end of year activities for Crestwood students at Fairview, Rice and the Crestwood Middle School. All are noted on the csdcomets.orgwebsite. The calendars say “Hello Summer” on June 13.

The Dicus family has school events until the end of June. They will soon be packing their minivan for the annual summer in Mountaintop tradition. I love it when my house is full of young energy and excitement. Our slow Internet can be a challenge with 8 of us online at the same time, but that is only after we have out outdoor outings or the day.

Pink & Blue Golf I have been working on the

Seventh Annual Blue Ridge Trail Pink & Blue Golf Tournament for the past month. My contribution is selling hole sponsorships and soliciting prizes for our raffle. The Blue Ridge Pink & Blue is cancer awareness and financial support for three local cancer charities. We need foursomes to come out and enjoy a fantastic day of golf on June 3, 2017. Call Tony Barletta, Blue Ridge Director of Golf at 570-868-4653 to donate or play golf.