On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

Mountaintop enjoyed a burst of summer weather last Sunday and Monday. The sun and 88 plus degrees are just what the farmers and home gardeners need to get their crops growing. In all my years planting a summer garden I have never experienced a cooler early June. Most of my seeds took ten days or more to germinate. We need real summer weather to get those tomatoes, beans and peppers growing.

Charlie and I played nine holes at Blue Ridge Trail Golf Course on each weekend day. We divide up the day with several activities. I like to take my daily hike early in the morning, eat breakfast and then put a few hours into yard work and gardening. The golf tops off the day. That way I keep to my exercise program in different ways. All the while I am walking and gardening I am listening to Audible books on my phone. I am finishing the Poldark series Book 10 this week. The story of a Cornwall family over 40 years is a compelling page turner. It is fiction at its finest and will be on PBS in its third season this fall.

Gypsy Moths

Our neighborhood hired the Triple F Flying to spray for Gypsy Moths again this year. The spray is non-toxic to humans and kills the caterpillars as they munch the leaves. Oak is their favorite species, but the caterpillars will eat anything they can find. We see some dead caterpillars on our front walkway now and then, but it is nothing like the infestation we endured 2 years ago in Luzerne County. Rice Township and the rest of Mountaintop was ground zero for the Gypsy Moths in 2015.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission sprayed Gamelands 207 this year, which has 2057 acres and surrounds our development. The effort worked well. The forest in adjacent areas that did not spray is showing the ravages of the hungry caterpillars. You can hear them eating and dropping as you walk by and see all the chewed leaves on the road. A little prevention is gold.

Henry Drive Pave Appreciated

On our way to Blue Ridge last weekend we were amazed and thrilled to see that Rice Township had paved Henry Drive from its intersection with Nuangola Road at the Ice House Pub up to the Church Road overpass. The smooth macadam is in stark contrast to the bumpy disintegrated road surface that travelers had endured on Henry Drive for many years. Rice Roadmaster Bob Pipech directs his three-person road crew to take excellent care of all the township roads. Now if the state would just stop all the strip patching they do on Nuangola Road and put that major thoroughfare up to code. The patching on the 2.5-mile stretch from Wright Township to Route 81 is absurd.

Decent roads and police protection are the most important services for the local townships and the ones our local tax dollars pay for.

Graduation Time

School is out for the summer in the Crestwood School District. The high school graduation was Monday June 12 at the Mohegan Sun Arena and the younger students were dismissed on Tuesday June 13. Snow days had stretched out the school calendar this year, mostly because of the Blizzard of 2017 in March with its 28 total inches of snow. Now that we have pool and beach weather at hand it’s time to get in the groove for summer fun.

Our big graduation edition this week with all of the congratulatory messages from the business community will be followed next week with a full pictorial spread of the graduation ceremonies. We thank all who helped make this keepsake edition a reality. The Mountaintop Eagle has been writing the history of our town for 47 years.

The Eagle also features St. Jude’s School graduation, Holy Redeemer, Wyoming Seminary, MMI and the private nursery and day care programs that submit information to us. It’s always nice to save these events in a real scrapbook for posterity.

Dicus Family Summer The Dicus family will be joining

us in Mountaintop for their summer in the country adventure. Lara and her four growing children have been coming for more years than I can count, all of them lots of fun. Grandparents know the joy of spending time with their grandchildren. They have as much to teach us, as we have to give to them.

I am hoping we can revive our family Fitbit challenges this summer. Last summer there were 5 of us trying to stay on top of the daily 10,000-step goal. I have been enjoying my Fitbit Flex for almost 3 years and am nearing my anniversary date within view of my 5,000-mile badge. I believe my daughter Lara has already surpassed that milestone, but then she is 24 years younger.