Fairview Township Police Officer Deluca Promoted

After working part-time for the Fairview Township Police and proving herself as an asset to the department, Rachel DeLuca was promoted to full-time officer by the Fairview Board of Supervisors June 6. With friends and family gathered to watch, DeLuca was sworn into the position by Luzerne County Judge Richard Hughes.

“I’ve known Officer DeLuca for almost three years now. She’s extra smart and extra hard-working. She’s a fast learner and she loves people,” stated Supervisor Robert Orloski as her family members nodded and smiled.

“I’m not surprised that she’s earned the trust and qualifications to be considered a full-time officer with this department,” he went on, and, to DeLuca, added, “The residents of Fairview thank you and the supervisors of Fairview are proud of you.”

DeLuca grew up in Mountaintop and attended Luzerne County Community College, studying graphic design. Along the way, she discovered that career path wasn’t for her and explored law enforcement.

Asked what attracted her to this line of work, she replied, “The teamwork aspect of police. All the departments work together for the community, the EMS, the fire departments…It’s like being on a big, supportive team.”

Of being a female officer, DeLuca related that she’s felt no challenges or hardships in working in the once male-dominated role. Rather, she

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FAIRVIEW OFFICER PROMOTED-Fairview Police Officer Rachel DeLuca was promoted from part-time to full-time officer with the department on June 6. She was sworn in by Luzerne County Judge Richard Hughes and Fairview’s Board of Supervisors praised DeLuca for her hard work with the police department.