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would notify County Waste about Nuangola’s ordinance.

Council ended up passing a motion authorizing County Waste to conduct weekly curbside recycling until the present trash collection contract expires. Vice President Michael Johnson said that when the contract is up for renewal, the borough can rebid it both with and without recycling and see how the bids come in, or the borough could also consider stopping borough-wide trash collection altogether and leaving individual property owners to contract for their own trash removal. Council will leave the borough’s recycling facility open through the fall so property owners can continue dropping off yard waste.

In other business, council:

Contributed $100 toward Wright Township’s July 4 fireworks display.

Authorized secretary Sabine Thomas to schedule a meeting with SPCA leaders, who have requested meetings with local legislators to discuss their need for funds.

Agreed to advertise bids for two projects that will be financed through a Local Share Account grant, commonly known as a “gaming grant.” The Grove Association received a grant to build an outdoor pavilion, and the Lake Association received one to repair its building’s foundation and install a new kitchen. Even though the nonprofit organizations received the grants, the money must be funneled through the borough to ensure proper use of funds. Plodwick and councilwoman Carolyn Lauer initially objected to the borough paying for the bid advertisement, but President Joseph Tucker said funds for the ads could not legally come from the grant money, so they eventually voted in favor of placing the ads. Johnson, a member of the Lake Association, said he would ensure that the association reimburses the borough for the ad funds.

Received checks totaling over $30,000 from Wexcon, the contractor that installed the borough’s sewer line, to repair road damage caused by the sewer installation.

Discussed a possible future need to revisit the borough’s regulations on garage sizes due to frequent requests for variances. They also discussed resident complaints they had received regarding an unsightly property with cars and car parts scattered over the lawn. Residents also have complained about air hammer noise and bright lights from that property at night. Gandzyk said the property owner had asked him about permits for building a garage on the property, and Gandzyk pointed him to zoning officer Barry Jacob. Tucker said he would approach Jacob regarding the unsightly property as well as another resident complaint involving reported operation of a firewood business in a residential zone.