On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

We are winding down the month of June this week and will celebrate the Fourth of July next Tuesday. Our current month has been one of the coolest June’s I can ever remember. My garden plants and flowerbeds are slowly growing. I have some hungry visitors who have eaten off the tops of the sunflower sprouts and the tops of the beans, even before they are big enough to flower, and the celery. So far the peppers, squash, lettuce and eggplant appears to be spared, but you never know.

I spent some time cultivating between the plants and rows over the weekend in preparation for placing the newspaper mulch next to the plants to keep the weeds under control and the natural moisture from rainfall in the soil. Tending a home vegetable garden requires patience, diligence and a sixth sense about keeping pests out.

July Fourth Celebration

Mountaintop will celebrate Independence Day with a parade, weather permitting. With all of the crazy rain we have had this year we must pray for fair weather. Kate Button is the Grand Marshall. Kate and her family have owned the Button Oil Company for many years and all who have met Kate can attest to her positive upbeat attitude toward life. The parade organizers made a very wise choice in naming Kate Button for the honor.

The Dicus family will be joining us for the summer on July 1. Two and possibly three of our grandchildren have organized a campaign to ride in Papa’s pickup truck and throw out candy along the parade route. They have been attending the parade for at least the last 10 years as they always share the holiday with us. The most ardent parade participants are Patrick age 14 and Maggie who is 9. I feel that Kate age 12 will also join in and we are pretty sure that Charlie age 16 will sit this one out.

So we will be decorating the truck with balloons, red, white and blue streamers and other patriotic items featuring the Mountaintop Eagle. I am counting on my daughter Lara to help the children and me with the truck decking.

The Mountaintop Eagle staff piled into the back of a truck about 30 years ago for one of Mountaintop’s parades. The other event that has a regular parade is the Crestwood Homecoming in the fall. The fire companies have had smaller parades in their individual townships over the years, but the big one that gets the most participation is the July 4th Independence Day parade. Be sure to check out our special pages this week for times and a listing of the details. Our faithful advertisers have been supporting our coverage of this event since it started thirty years ago.

Family Wedding Our family enjoyed a milestone

wedding celebration last weekend with Alana Keith and her new husband Joe Spost married in the beautiful Saratoga Springs State Park in upstate New York. Saratoga Springs was settled more than 200 years ago as a destination for visiting the mineral springs there for health benefits.

Alana is the youngest of the children in the Keith family. Her father David is Charlie Grubert’s first cousin. The Grubert branch was well represented by Charlie and his brothers Artie and Bobby and his sister Peggy. Jeanne and Sue Grubert also enjoyed the family reunion.

Alana is the youngest great-grandchild of our Matriarch Ethel Keith, who left Ireland with her brother Bertie at age 16 to live first in New York City and later in Carmel, New York. Ethel had 3 children, Margaret, Florence and George, and 11 grandchildren. She was our beloved Nana and now the fourth and fifth generations are carrying on family traditions.

Rotary Traditions The Rotary Club of Mountaintop

is sponsoring its annual Farmers’ Market again this year at Crestwood High School. The market will be held on Sundays from 9:00 a. m. to 1 p. m. beginning Sunday, July 2. through late October and will feature Locally grown fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, honey, eggs, hot sauces, baked and confectionery treats and a Caribbean food truck. Gourmet dog treats round out the offerings.

The Rotary is also looking forward to their Steamtrain Excursion from Penobscot to Jim Thorpe on Saturday September 9. I have enjoyed the ride with my grandchildren in July and the cooler autumn weather will be refreshing.

The train ride goes through beautiful wooded terrain for its 38-mile trip and has always been a crowd pleaser. Tickets are $70 and will be sold at Triangle Pharmacy and through the Rotary’s website.