KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION HELD AT ST. JUDE SCHOOL-St. Jude Church was the setting for the graduation ceremony for the kindergarten students at St. Jude School. On a bittersweet note, this was the last graduation to be held in that church building. Family and friends gathered to enjoy the musical selections and presentations prepared by the students. After the entrance procession, Sr. Ellen Fischer, principal, delivered opening remarks. The students offered vocal selections including “Our Father”, “I Love Him Better Every D-A-Y”, “Bring It On Back, Jack”, “ Fifty Nifty United States”, “Kindergarten Rock”, and “Start Spreading the News”. Deacon Eugene Kovatch, Pastoral Outreach at St. Jude Parish, shared reflections about the class. Rev. Jeffrey Tudgay, Assistant Pastor, assisted Sr. Ellen in awarding the diplomas. The students presented their mothers with daisies to mark this special occasion. Following the ceremony, refreshments were served in the cafeteria where the decorations followed the theme of Splashing into Summer. Shown, front from left: Leah Smith, Lance Wrightnour, Inara Shutt, Elizabeth Bilbow, Caleb Brownell, Julie Truschel, Keirsi Mooney, Jaxon Jones, and Neal DeAngelo. Row two: Paul Thomas, Hannah Fauerbach, Bronson Gorka, Mia Correll, Gavin Venseky, Thomas Elick, Jillian Hoppe, and Jonathan Shaffer. Row three: Matthew Crowell, Molly Unis, Alivia Sweet, Kira Millard, Quintin Sartori, Tyler Barker, and Sarah Rowlands. Back: Mrs. Linda Brittain, Teaching Assistant; Sr. Mary Theresa Wojcicki, SCC, Staff; Deacon Kovatch, Mrs. Anita Legge, Teacher; and Sr. Ellen.