Curriculum Changes Discussed During Crestwood School Board Meeting

Administrators have promoted major changes to the schedule and curriculum at the Crestwood Secondary Campus next year as an opportunity for students to explore career pathways while still in high school.

But at the June 22 school board meeting, Crestwood Education Association President-Elect Bill Kane presented another side to the story.

With several teachers present, Kane contended during the public comment period that the changes were “driven by cost cuts” because the board decided not to replace 10 retiring teachers.

Among his complaints:

Class sizes are increasing next year.

Most teachers will have to teach an additional course next year.

Many teachers across the district have been reassigned to different classes or buildings, and some will teach subjects they haven’t taught before.

The curriculum overhaul process, he believes, did not involve teachers enough. Out of more than 20 new electives being offered next year, only five were suggested by teachers, he said.

“From our vantage point, the changes were not in the students’ best interest,” Kane said, asking the board to lobby state and federal sources for more funding.

Annette Weiss, parent of two high schoolers, also expressed concerns about the curriculum changes, contending that students are being forced into Advanced Placement classes because some options for non-AP courses have been removed. Responding to Weiss, Assistant Superintendent Joseph Rasmus called the new curriculum development a “collaborative process” with teachers

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