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haven’t done, is 500 miles in a matter of six days. The Perimeter Ride begins in White Mountains, New Hampshire and the 77 participants ride 80 to 120 miles each day to end their journey in Palmerton, Pa.

Asked how she’s prepping for the ride, Stephanie replied, “I’m trying to have as much time in the saddle as I can.” This isn’t as easy as it sounds with her working a full-time job, raising two children, and training at two gyms to be physically prepared.

She noted that “fueling” will be her biggest concern. “Fueling your body is important as it’s not a situation where you can just eat everything you normally would,” she said.

The group will stop for breaks and for lunches, however, and will carry other necessities with them on the ride, Stephanie said.

“It’s a very supportive ride,” she added. Of her attraction to bicycling, she said, “I’m an athlete, I like do things outside. I was a runner for a long time. I’m a skier and now I cycle.”

When asked if the July heat may make the ride more difficult, she responded, “We rode another organized ride last year in July, 62 miles, and the heat was absolutely brutal. But, as long as we dress appropriately and hydrate, we’ll be ok.”

Stephanie concluded, “I’m excited and I love challenging myself.”