METS CLINCH 2017 LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP-The Boy’s Major Mets clinch the League Championship in Mountain Top Area Little League for the 2017 season. The Mets beat out seven other major teams for the top spot. The team had a great season with all members contributing their skills to win the championship. The Crestwood Baseball Booster Club sponsored the Major Mets for 2017. Several members of the Mets team were selected to continue playing on the Mt Top All Star Teams as they move forward into tournament play. Team Members Include: Aidan Verdekal, Grant Rose, Christopher Smolenak, Jesse Barney, Brayden Wanchisen, Joseph Gzemski, Jayden Brown, Ryan Greives, Josh Roman, Daevin Myers, Colin Lazo and Darran Zimmerman. Team Manager: Jim Verdekal. Coaches: Eric Wanchisen, Jon Greives and Jayson Brown.