Magisterial District Court
Unauthorized Use Of Vehicle. Theft

Michael Middleton, 19, 246 Prospect Rd., Mountaintop, has been charged with Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, and Theft by Unlawful Taking stemming from in incident on March 25, 2017 in Rice Township. The charges were filed on March 26, 2017 by Officer Andrew Hashagen.

According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause, on March 25, 2017, Officer Hashagen of the Rice Twp. Police Dept. was dispatched to 246 Prospect Road for a report of a female, Johnnie Levandowski, who was assaulted by her grandson, Michael Middleton, who also stole her 2008 Toyota Highlander and her Samsung Galaxy cell phone.

Officer Hashagen and Officer Collotty arrived on the scene and spoke to Johnnie who stated that on March 24, 2017 at about 11 p. m., Michael began to throw a fit about wanting to use her car because his was out of gas. Johnnie stated she did not want him to leave due to the late hour and told him no. Johnnie stated that Michael was not authorized to use her vehicle and took it anyway along with her cell phone. Johnnie said that Michael did not assault her and that “he knows better”.

Officer Hashagen spoke to Johnnie about pressing charges on Michael for taking the vehicle and she agreed that enough is enough. She stated that she did not want to press charges for stealing the vehicle but wanted to press charges for the unauthorized use and the theft of her cell phone.

After arriving at his station, Officer Hashagen called the cell phone. The person with the phone who answered identified himself as Michael and stated “I’m at the movies”. The officer instructed Michael to come to the police station which he agreed to do. Michael came to the station at 11:30 p. m. and was read his constitutional warnings which he waved. Michael stated he was given the keys by his grandmother and she knew he had the vehicle and allowed him to do it. Michael said that he did take the cell phone and that he wasn’t going to argue that because he took the cell phone “all the time” and it wasn’t a big deal.

After being told of statements made by Johnnie, Michael invoked his right to an attorney and questioning was stopped. Michael was taken into custody for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle and Theft by Unlawful Taking.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled July 19 at 10 a. m. before Magisterial District Judge Ronald Swank.