Fairview Twp. May Amend Zoning Ordinance

Fairview Township’s Board of Supervisors is entertaining the idea of amending its zoning ordinance to include medical marijuana facilities. At its July 5 meeting, the board moved to start the process of defining and setting regulations in its zoning law for marijuana dispensaries.

Last year, Governor Tom Wolf signed the Medical Marijuana Act into law, allowing patients, treated by a physician for a serious illness, to obtain oil, tincture, or cream forms of medical marijuana. The permit process has attracted hundreds of applicants across the state and, in the past month, news of businesses obtaining permits in Northeast Pa have been frequently reported.

Fairview Attorney Donald Karpowich explained that an amendment to the township’s zoning ordinance is needed to define such dispensaries and to set regulations for the growing, processing, and trucking of medical marijuana. If passed, the new ordinance would allow businesses to obtain a permit for such dispensaries after being granted special exception approval from the planning commission and board of supervisors.

On July 5, the supervisors agreed to forward their plans of amending the zoning law to Luzerne County’s planning commission and to advertise for a public hearing on the matter.

The board also approved a minor subdivision for a 911 tower on Penobscot Mountain. Engineer Alan Chyko explained that no development is proposed but rather Luzerne County 911 wants to purchase the property to use the existing tower there.

The Mountaintop Hose Company answered 34 calls in June, many of which were for automatic alarms setting off, related president of the hose company, David Hourigan, adding that five of those alarms were activated in one day. Final preparations are being made for the fire department’s last bazaar, to be held July 14 to 16, he said.

Fairview Police answered 304 calls in June, reported Supervisor Robert Orloski. These calls included 27 reports of suspicious persons, vehicles, or incidents; 10 domestic disputes; six animal complaints; two thefts; and one call for harassment.

Police assisted with nine motor-vehicle accidents and made one driving-while-intoxicated arrest last month, Orloski went on. Officers also issued 20 traffic citations and 31 warnings. All officers completed annual training for the use of firearms and for taser use.

New playground equipment has been installed at Memorial Park and is working well for the park’s summer program for children, stated Supervisor Michael Iorio. The board then approved several aides for the program: Emily Lehman, to earn $8 an hour; Tyler Govan, to earn $7.75 an hour; Coit Holbrook and Noah Modrovsky, to be paid $7.50 an hour; and Courtney Stone and Andrew Lehman, to be paid $7.25 an hour.

The board agreed to advertise to sell a 2011 unmarked police cruiser and also approved a change order for the reduction of $4,126 for a paving

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