National Guild of Piano Teachers

NATIONAL GUILD OF PIANO TEACHERS HOLD AUDITIONS -The National Guild of Piano Teachers, headquartered in Austin, Texas, recently held their annual piano auditions in the local area, with over 100 students participating. Piano pupils perform memorized programs ranging from 3 to 15 pieces, earning a certificate, report card, and bronze, silver, or gold medal. A 10th year student who has performed 10 piece programs for 10 years receives the Paderewski Gold Medal Award. Guild members who sponsored their students in the auditions included: Mountaintop area residents: Andrea Bogusko, Judith Katra, Michele Millington, and Diane Shuleski. Chairperson Andrea Bogusko announced the appointed adjudicator for the week-long event was Jane Heintzleman, Philadelphia area. The awards recipients, frontfromleft:5thyr. NationalAward, DariaClarke, MollyGrove;7thyr. National, CianaFelisCruz; 5th yr National, Nathan Thomas; and 6th yr. National, Zach Brandreth. Row two: Bogusko, Heintzleman, 5th yr. National, Rebecca Brandreth; 6th yr. National, Owen Kline, Mountaintop; and 7th yr. National, Maria Egidio. Back:11thyear, AlexKline, Mountaintop; 10thyr. PaderewskiGoldMedalAward, Christopher Kocon, Mountaintop;6thyr. National, BrendanShubzda, JennaVincenti; 9thyr. National, Christopher Shubzda;6thyr. National, DinaClark, KatieThomas; 8thyr. National, GwynAntoinetteCruz;and9th yr. National, Emily Fleming. Also receiving a 9th yr. National award, Caleb Sweitzer; 8th yr National, DominiqueKline;7thyr, ErinBarno, Mountaintop; VaughnKutish, AnthonyLettieri, AndreaShipton, Mountaintop, Justin Stefanowicz; 6th yr National, James Lavan, Andrew Murawski; and 5th yr National, Megan McLaughlin, Mountaintop.