Misericordia University

CAREER EXPLORATION CAMP AT MISERICORDIA-Misericordia University recently hosted the Chemistry-Biochemistry Sciences Career Exploration Camp that offered rising high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to explore possible careers in cosmetic and food chemistry, alternative energy, the pharmaceutical industry, and more. The students created nylon fibers, extracted essential oils from orange peels, designed and created their own batteries, and made hand lotion, along with other exciting projects and experiments during the three-day residential camp. Participating in the annual camp, front from left: Kyra Grzymski, Lainey Mentrikoski, Mountain Top; Laura Miller, White Haven; Tyler Mendoza, Cole Yantiss, Dr. Charles Saladino, associate professor; Dr. Beth Haas, assistant professor; Darren Tomeo, Erika Wintersteen, Hunter Kline, and Catherine Falzone.